A fisherman's paradise



Church and Museum

Vingelen church, situated right beside the museum, is one of the village's main landmarks. The present building was erected in 1880 and is a so-called 'long church' in Neo-gothic style.

The musem, situated in the middle of Vingelen, is 30 years old and houses objects collected from Trinity church (1653 - 1882) and old Vingelen school (1840 - 1958). Ancient building techniques and the over 800 pre-1900 houses still standing provide a distinctive character to the whole village.


Cycling in hilly terrain

There are endless tracks which are excellent for cycling - and a signposted cycle route from Lillehammer to Røros runs through the village. There is a choice of circular tours of different lengths and accommodation to suit both the day visitor and those who wish to use Vingelen as a base for their cycling holiday. The off-road cyclist is well catered for, with pathways and tractor tracks in the gentle and hilly landscape in the woods and mountains.

Vingelen Tourist office can suggest a route for you to take.


Highland farms

Imagine waking to the sound of cowbells. The dairy maid has finished the milking and the breakfast table is spread with homemade dairy produce. You spend the day hiking in the mountains and lending a hand with the animals. The evening is spent in front of an open fire, and the dairy maid might recount the tale of how they had to drag 'Daisy' out of the mire one late summer's evening.

Experience the unique mountain farming atmosphere.

For more information, please visit the Vingelen website.


Røros Church

Røros church, also called Bergstadens Ziir, was built in the heyday of the Copperworks to the glory of God and to adorn the town. It deserves its name, and towers majestically over the wooden houses at the top of the town. Completed in 1784, the Directorate of Cultural Heritage considers it to be amongst the ten most important churches in Norway. It is the fourth largest in the country, with 1,600 seats.The author Johan Falkberget named the baroque church "the mountain cathedral".

The Church opened again in December 2010 after a extensive restoration.



Raw Røros is an outdoor activity company like no other. Raw is located in the UNESCO world heritage mountain-town of Røros. Our wide range of products and courses has been designed to allow you to experience the best of each season and each aspect of the beautiful environment we are surrounded by. Every day with us is a day that feels like the most amazing outdoor dream. Summers find us peacefully exploring the great lake Femunden and its connecting water ways by canoe, trekking & mountain biking across our beautiful mountains, all whilst being surrounded by stunning wildlife.



The Aukrust Center lies in the little town of Alvdal in one of Norway's many beautiful valleys. Its a museum built to house the life work of multi- artist Kjell Aukrust. Visit this beautiful building and experience Aukrust's drawings, paintings, the figures and humoristic imaginative invention. Try the chocolate machine, meet Ludvig and Solan, visit the cinema-room and experience "FlĂĄklypa Grand Prix" and eat at Solan's cafe. Welcome to The Aukrust Center!

For more information, please visit the Røros website.