Terms and conditions

General information

Kvennan camping provides accommodations in the Hedmark region of Norway. The Kvennan camping side is situated between the towns Tynset and Tolga and has her base on the riverbank of the Glomma. Prices are in NOK (Norwegian kroner) Prices are per accommodation. All prices are subject to change. The published rates are based on the prices and conditions that were known at the time of publishing the price lists. We reserve the right to change the prices if there is reason to do so due to price rises from third parties, electricity, water et cetera. The travel duration is stated in days, the day of departure and the day of arrival count as full days.

How can you make a reservation?

You can book by telephone, mail and through the website. Here you provide us with all necessary information about yourself and any fellow travelers. We will then send you a confirmation including invoice with all the details of your stay at Kvennan camping.

Last minute bookings

Last Minute bookings (from 31 days before departure) will be processed if this is deemed technically feasible by us and if you pay the travel sum per internet banking or cash. For all Last Minute bookings you pay a Last Minute surcharge of NOK 150 per booking.

Changes in traveler number

Up to 28 days before the day of arrival, as far as possible, changes can be made to the number of participants. This is on condition that the new travel sum is paid in time. The change costs are NOK 300 per booking.

Terms of payment

As soon as you have received our confirmation and attached invoice, you are bound to payment within seven days after receiving (see the date at the upright corner of the Invoice). Transfer the down payment to our bank account. The amount of the down payment is always at least 75%. This in order to guarantee your accom -modation. The remaining travel sum must be credited to our bank account no later than 6 weeks before the day of arrival. For bookings within 7 weeks before the day of arrival, the entire travel sum must be paid.


Cancellation by the traveler

Should you have to cancel the trip/ accommodation due to circumstances, we will charge an amount on base of our cancellation the table below, in addition to the reservation costs. Only written cancellations will be processed.

Cancellation policy:

– cancellation up to and including 49 days before the day of arrival the deposit

– in case of cancellation from 49 to 28 days before the day of arrival 50% of the sum.

– in case of cancellation from 28 up to and including 21 days before the day of arrival: 75% of the sum.

– cancellation from 21 to 14 days before the day of arrival: 100% of the sum.


Cancellation by Kvennan Camping AS

We have the right to cancel an accommodation in case of unforeseen circumstances. Such as: damage caused by storms, heavy snowfall, flooding, fire and other related problems. If we inform you within two weeks before arrival that the accommodation Is not available, you are not entitled to compensation. The fully or partially paid sum will be refunded within two weeks after sending the above-mentioned message.

General travel conditions

Magazines / websites and other communication published by Kvennan Camping AS:

The offer in our newsletter, magazines and website is without obligation and can be revoked if necessary. We can not be held liable for obvious errors and / or mistakes in the programs. We are not responsible for photographs, brochures and other information material issued by third parties.



The published prices are based on rates, levies, cash prices and taxes as we were aware of when our price lists were published. After the full booking sum, 7 weeks before arrival, has been paid, we will in principle not change the prices. However, we have the right to increase prices up to 20 days before the start of the trip due to an extreme change in exchange rates or extreme increases taxes and charges. We will inform you how this price increase has been realized. If we increase the prices in the meantime, you have the right to cancel the trip. This must be done within 3 working days after receipt of our notification. You are then entitled to a refund of the funds already paid.



The person(s) may be replaced by another person or persons provided that this request is submitted in time for the start of you’re actual booking. The following conditions apply:

  1. The substitute must meet the conditions of the booking in question.
  2. The request must be submitted no later than 14 days before arrival or in any case so timely that all required actions / formalities can be performed.
  3. The conditions that the service provides use within the program allow one-in-place.
  4. Any remaining accommodation sum, plus the change costs a NOK 300 plus any extra

communication costs and any extra costs as a result of the replacement, must be with us before departure

to be inside.



Upon arrival you must be in possession of the necessary travel documents. You must obtain the necessary additional information from the authorities concerned and check well in advance that the information provided previously has not been changed. If you can not make the trip (entirely) due to the lack of one or more of the above documents, you are responsible for the consequences.


Changes by Kvennan Camping AS

We have the right to change the booking agreement due to important circumstances. Within 96 hours (4 working days) after the circumstances have occurred, we have to offer you an alternative. If you do not agree with the alternative you can cancel your stay free of charge. This must be done within 3 working days after receiving the message about the change.


Our responsibility

Our responsibility is to execute your stay in the best possible way, including the services of our service providers. We can not be held responsible for the failure or failure to carry out a travel agreement if the shortcomings are not due to our fault. If you get into trouble during your stay, we are obliged to help you as much as possible. Any costs are for our account if the shortcomings are due to our debt. If the problems are due to you, the costs of the aforementioned help are for your account. We are not responsible for any damage resulting from improper behavior. If in relation to you, we are responsible for loss of accommodation enjoyment, the compensation will not exceed the travel sum.


Commitment of the traveler

You are obliged to comply with all instructions from us to promote a proper your stay with us. A guest who causes such a burden or annoyance that the stay of other guests is endangered, can be excluded from the accommodation. All costs resulting from this will be borne by you. If the guest does not object to the exclusion, the entire travel sum or part thereof can be refunded. You are obliged to report any negligence in complying of the booking agreement to the service provider in question as soon as possible (preferably in writing).


Despite all our preparations and care, it is possible that you believe you have a justified complaint. This complaint must be submitted urgently (within 48 hours) to the service provider on site, preferably in writing. If you fail to do so, you are in principle not entitled to “compensation” in any form whatsoever. Logically, a complaint can be handled much more easily by the service provider on the spot than after your departure! If the complaint can not be resolved satisfactorily on the spot, it can be submitted in writing to our customer service department within one month after returning home. Complaints that come later can unfortunately not be processed. If it concerns a complaint that we have to send abroad, it is very important that you also send a translation in English. This speeds up the complaint handling considerably.