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Kvennan Fly Fishing

The Kvennan fly fishing zone is 15 km long. This special section of the river Glomma holds an incredible population of wild grayling. Incredible both in numerous and in size.We started the fly fishing zone in 2006. A project with strict regulations. Since then the development in the river has been very good and the fish grows bigger every year.

You can read more about Kvennan Fly Fishing here.

Fishing license can be bought online or at the Kvennan campsite. The number of day licenses are limited.

You can buy fishing license online here.

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Fishing in lakes and side rivers

In the region around Kvennan Camping there are several other good fishing possibilities. In Glomma the zone upstream and the zone downstream from the fly fishing zone are managed by the Kvennan Fly Fishing boarder organization. Dette er Tolga-sonen and Tynset/Tunna-sonen. These zones are included when you buy the license for the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone or they can be bought separately

There are also good opportunities East from the village Tolga, you’ll find the Hodalen Lakes. The most common catch here is, grayling, pike, trout, perch, and white fish. There is one fly fishing zone in the Hodalen Lakes, called Drengen. Several rivers nearby Kvennan Camping offer very interesting fishing. For example: Vangrøfta, Tunna, Hola and Grimsa. Read more about other fisheries here:

The Camping Zone

In front of the campsite we have a guest zone. Here it is only allowed to fish from the riverbank, no wading. You can use different fishing tackle like lures, spinner, worms and of course fly fishing. Children under the age of 16 fish for free in the Camping Zone. The bag limit is two graylings under 40 cm a day, and all trout must be released immediately. The intention for the zone is gain interest for fishing, especially for families and beginners new to fishing. Fishing license can only be bought at the Kvennan Camping.

We sell fishing license and fishing tackle.

At the Kvennan Camping kiosk we sell, besides fishing licenses for the Kvennan Fly Fishing zone, licenses for other destinations in the Kvennan area. There are many lakes in the Kvennan area with a good population of fish. We can provide all information you need just come to us in the kvennan Camping kiosk.

We have a growing assortment fly fishing tackle. Special Glomma flies, tippets, leaders, flotants and some tying material and other accessories. We distribute fly rods and reels from Eikre-Fly. Our flies are all tied by anglers with good knowledge of the Kvennan section and the river Glomma.

Guiding services

If you’d like a local guide on your fishing holiday, please send a request to one of the local fly fishing gurus; Hein Van Aar or Marius Tollan.

Hein Van Aar: ( +47 468 22 513)

Marius Tollan: ( +47 905 76 177) Fiskesonekart