Activites around Kvennan Camping

Kvennan Camping is a good starting point for various nature and cultural experiences in the region. This part of the Nord-Østerdalen has a beautiful and diverse nature with a vibrant cultural landscape surrounded by forest and mountain areas. The possibilities are many!

Vingelen and Forollhogna national park

Vingelen is only a short 5-minute drive from the campsite. A village with well-preserved buildings and viberant summer pasture farming make this village unique and absolutely worth a visit.

Vingelen is also a gateway to Forollhogna National Park. The national park has gentle valley slopes and easy-to-walk terrain.

Røros UNESCO world heritage site

The mountain town of Røros has several hundred years of mining history. Here you can wander around among old wooden buildings and the town has a bustling life in the summer. Bergstaden's Ziir and Olavsgruva are certainly something to take in.

Culture and nature in Tynset

The center of Tynset is approx. 13 km away from Kvennan Camping and has several shops for sporting goods, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and more.

Hiking around Kvennan Camping

There are plenty of hiking trails near or very close to Kvennan Camping.